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Art and Arts

Art and Arts

101 Do-It-Yourself Projects
Albers, Josef --Interaction of Color
Aldrich, Lanning --Charles M. Russell
Alexander, Charles --Talking the Boundless Book
American Images

Baigell, Matthew --Albert Bierstadt
Baigell, Matthew --Thomas Cole
Barlowe/Barlowe --Illustrating Nature
Barou/Crossman --Tibetan Mandala
Baseline 39
Bishop, Richard --Folk Painters of America
Blake/Petrie --Color in Oil
Boswell, Peyton --Modern American Painting
Brower/Jeffers --Not Man Apart
Brummit, Wyatt --Kites
Buddha's Art of Healing

Calle, Sophie --Double Game
Cameron/Gillespie --Enjoyment of Theatre
Cassou/Cubley --Life, Paint and Passion
Castro, Elizabeth --HTML for the World Wide Web
Catron, Louis E. --Elements of Playwriting
Cearley, Kent --Html 3
Clark, Sam --Remodeling a Kitchen
Colonial Architecture in America
Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual
Couch, Tony --Watercolor Techniques
Crafts and Hobbies
Crumb, R. --Fritz the Cat
Crumb, R. --Head Comix

Dadant, C.P. --First Lessons in Beekeeping
De Reyna, Rudy --Draw What You See

Edwards, Betty --Drawing on Right Side of Brain

Falconer, Joseph D. --How to Design, Build and Remodel
Farris, Kathy --Yes You can Draw
Fienup-Riordan --Living Tradition of Yup'ik Masks
Fincher, Susanne --Coloring Mandalas
Franck, Frederick --Zen of Seeing
French/Svenson --Mechanical Drawing

Gardner, Howard --Artful Scribbles
Gibbon/Smart --Masterpieces of Florence
Gibbon/Smart --Masterpieces of the Louvre
Goncourt/Goncourt --French XVIII Century Painters
Girard, Xavier --Matisse in Nice
Gourdie, Tom --Calligraphy for Beginners
Great Composers
Griffel, Lois --Impressionist Landscape

Hale, Nancy --Mary Cassatt
Hale, Robert Beverly --Master Class Figure Drawing
Harrison, Holly --Altered Books
Held, Shirley E. --Weaving
Hermann, Frank --Norton Simon Museum
Herrera, Hayden --Matisse
Hiebert, Helen --Paper Illuminated
Howat, John K. --Hudson River Painters

Johnson, Cathy --Watercolor Pencil Magic

Kanatsiz, Suzanne --Dreamings
Katchen, Carole --Tonal Value
Kelder, Diane --French Impressionist Masterpieces
King, Nancy --Theatre Movement
Klonsky, Milton --William Blake
Klonsky, Milton --Blake's Dante

Larkin, David --Once Upon a Time
Larsen, Erik --Bosch
Luscher, Max --Color Test

Mandel, Gabriele --Botticelli
Maximilian Prince of Wied --Travels in North America
McGrath, Bonnie --Walden Pond
Microsoft Publisher at a Glance
Miller, Jordan Y. --Heath Introduction to Drama
Moyer, Susan Louise --Silk Painting

National Gallery of Art
Noble, Terry --Sculpture of Elek Imredy

Ormsbee, Thomas H. --Field Guide to Early American Furniture

Paap, Wouter --Ludwig van Beethoven
Peck, Stephen Rogers --Human Anatomy
Perruchot, Henri --Cezanne
Pichon, Yann Le --Gauguin
Pool, Phoebe --Gauguin
Porter Eliot --Summer Island

Ramsden, E.H. --Michelangelo
Rayfield, Susan --Wildlife Painting
Roberts, Keith --Renoir
Rodden, Guy --Pastel Painting Techniques
Rose, Carla --Teach Yourself Digital Photography
Rosenbaum, Naomi --World History of Photography

Sandison, David --Art of Ancient Egypt
Scheffer, Mechthild --Bach Flower Therapy
Shanes, Eric --Turner's England
Siegel, David --Creating Killer Web Sites
Slatkes, Leonard --Vermeer and Contemporaries
Small House Big Style
Smith, Stan --Drawing
Stasney, Sharon --Feng Shui Style
Steichen, Edward --Family of Man
Stephen, George --New Life for Old Houses
Stevens, MaryAnne --Alfred Sisley

Tallmage, T.E. --Architecture in America

Updike, John --Just Looking

van Gogh, Vincent
Veronelli, Luigi --I Vignaioli Storici vol 1
Veronelli, Luigi --I Vignaioli Storici vol 2
Voss, Thomas M. --Antique American Country Furniture

Weinstein, Krystyna --Art of Medieval Manuscripts
Wilkins, Tony --Repair and Restoration
Wolfe, Tom --In Our Time
Wolflin, Heinrich --Principles of Art History
Wren, Linnea H. --Perspectives on Western Art
Wright, Frank Lloyd --Natural House

Zzazy, Josef --Anatomie

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Science/Nature/Kitchen Sink
updated 9/21/05

Abbott, R. Tucker --Seashells
Agassiz, Louis --Lake Superior
Agatson, Arthur --South Beach Diet
Alaska Wild Berry Guide
Anderson, Edgar --Plants, Man and Life
Anderson, Edgar --Landscape Papers
Arnold, Augusta Foote --Sea-Beach at Ebb-Tide
Asher, Harry --Experiments in Seeing
Asimov, Isaac --Understanding Physics
Atkinson/Sharp --Wild Plants of San Juan Islands
Auckram/Baillie --The Samoyed

Baker/Zim --Stars
Balch/Balch --Nutritional Healing
Bartram, William --Travel and other Writings
Bascom, Willard --Waves and Beaches
Bates, Marston --Forest and the Sea
Bates/Kirkaldy --Field Geology in Color
Berry, Wendell --Unsettling of America
Best Ideas for Organic Gardening
Beston, Henry --Outermost House
Birds of North America
Boericke/Boericke --Materia Medica
Bolgna, Gianfanco --World of Birds
Bradley/Ellis --Insect and Disease Control
Brady, Nyle C. --Soils
Brockman/Merrilees --Trees of North America
Bryson, Bill --Walk in the Woods
Bull/Farrand --Guide to North American Birds
Burgess, Thornton W. --Burgess Bird Book
Burroughs, John --Birch Browsing

Campbell, Jeff --Speed Cleaning
Carson, Rachel --Under the Sea Wind
Cats and Dogs
Challoner, Jack --All About Earth and Space
Chartrand/Tirion --Field Guide to Night Sky
Clarke, Arthur C. --Voices from the Sky
Collins, Henry Hill --Field Guide to American Wildlife
Collins/Pinch --The Golem
Complete Book of Composting
Couch/Weaver --Runner's World Yoga Book
Crick, Francis --Life Itself
Crockett, James Underwood --Victory Garden
Cronin/Scalzo --Medicines from the Earth
Crowder, William --Seashore Life

D'Adamo, Peter J. --Eat Right 4 Your Health
Daub,/Seese --Basic Chemistry
Day/Schaefer --Field Guide to Atmosphere
De Carli, Franco --World of Fish
DeVore/Eimerl --Primates
Dickinson, Terence --NightWatch

Einstein, Albert --Relativity
Elder, John --Reading the Mountains of Home
Ellis, Barbara W. --Gardening and Landscaping
Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening

Family Guide to Natural Medicine
Firsoff, V.A. --The Moon
First Aid Textbook
Fowler, Richard J. --Electricity
Frey, Richard L. --According to Hoyle
Friend, Hilderic --Flower Lore
Fry, Ron --How to Study
Fuller, Edward C. --Chemistry and Man's Environment

Galston, Arthur W. --Green Wisdom
Garden Pools
Garfunkel, Solomon --For All Practical Purposes
Gibbons, Euell -- Stalking the Wild Asparagus
Gilloley/Hosier/Wagner --Arithmetic Games and Activities
Gould, Stephen Jay --Hen's Teeth and Horse's Toes
Gould, Stephen Jay --Panda's Thumb
Graham, Dick --Meandering Mushroomer
Green, David --The Elegant Universe

Hall, Alan --Wild Food Trail Guide
Hammond World Atlas
Hancock, Skip --Path to Excellence
Hangstefer, James B. --Company Momentum
Hanley, Wayne --A Life Outdoors
Hannauer, Ethel R. --Biology Made Simple
Hartston, Bill --Better Chess
Hayes/Lucas --Frontiers of Life
Hess, Fred C. --Chemistry Made Simple
Heezen/Hollister --Face of the Deep
Hillcourt, William --Field Book of Nature Activities
Hylander, Clarence J. --World of Plant Life
Headstrom, Richard --Adventures with Insects
Headstrom, Richard --Adventures with Freshwater Animals
Hofstadter, Douglas R. --Godel, Escher, Bach
House, Homer D. --Wild Flowers
Hubbell, Sue --Broadsides from Other Orders

Ingle/Zim --Seashores
Island of the Seals

Jamieson, Ian --German Wines

Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia
Koepe/Pettersson/Schaumann --Bio-Dynamic Agriculture
Krauss, Lawrence M. --Physics of Star Trek
Krutch, Joseph Wood --Selected

LaChapelle, Edward C. --Field Guide to Snow Crystals
Laun, H. Charles --Natural History Guide
Leahy, Christopher W. --Intro to Mass. Insects
Lehrman, Robert L --Physics the Easy Way
Leoppold, Aldo --Sand County Almanac
Linke, Horst --Labyrinth Fish
Long, Lynette --Painless Algebra
Lopez, Barry --Arctic Dreams
Lorayne, Harry --Miracle Math
Lu, Henry C. --Chinese Herbal Cures
Ludlum, David --New England Weather Book
Lutz, Tim --Gem Hunter's Guide

Macaulay, David --The New Way Things Work
March, Robert H. --Physics for Poets
Marcotte, Carol --Pattern Blocks
Martin/Zim --Trees
Masson, Jefferey Moussaieff --Nine Emotional Lives of Cats
Mattersdorf, Leo --Key to the Heavens
Matthiessen, Peter --Tigers in the Snow
McClane, A.J. --Saltwater Fishes
McDonald, Elvin --House Plants
McKenny/Peterson --Field Guide to Wildflowers
McKnight/McKnight --Mushrooms
McPhee, John --In Suspect Terrain
McPhee, John --Basin and Range
Mech, L. David --The Wolf
Menzel, Donald H. --Field Guide to Stars and Planets
Michas/Reynolds --Economics
Mitchell/Zim --Butterflies and Moths
Montgillion, Dorothy --Modern Uses of Traditional Herbs
Morgenstern, Julie --Organizing from the Inside Out
Morton, Julia F. --Herbs and Spices
Muir, John --Selected
Muller/Oberlander --Physical Geography Today

Niering/Olmstead --Field Guide to Wildflowers
Nye, Bill --Big Blast of Science

Ogburn, Charlton --Forging of our
Ogden, Samuel --Organic Vegetable Growing
Organic Pest Control
Organic Way to Plant Protection
Our National Parks
Oxnard, Charles --Order of Man

Page, Roger --This is Kodiak
Palmer/Thorn --Total Baseball
Papazian, Charlie --Joy of Home Brewing
Papazian, Charlie --New Complete Joy of Brewing
Peitgen/Richter --Beauty of Fractals
Peterson, Roger Tory --Field Guide to Birds
Peterson, Roger Tory --Birds
Pfeiffer, Ehrenfried --Weeds and What They Tell Us
Physics of Everyday Phenomena
Pocket Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening
Pommery, Jean --What to do Till Vet Comes
Pough, Frederick H. --Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals

Reading About Science
Reid, George K. --Pond Life
Renehan, Edward J. --John Burroughs
Rhodes, Frank H.T. --Geology
Rosenfeld, Richard --Hedges, Lawns and Groundcover
Ross-Macdonald, Malcolm --Man and Nature
Rowell, Galen --Yosemite Postcard Collection
Rubin, Jordan S. --Patient Heal Thyself
Rucker, Rudy --The Fourth Dimension

Sagan, Carl --Broca's Brain
Sagan, Carl --Cosmic Connection
Sauer, Carl O. --Seeds Spades Hearts and Herds
Schuler, Charles A. --Electronics
Scientific American --The Planets
Scientific American --Volcanoes and Earth's Interior
Scientific American --Universe of Galaxies
Scientific American --Cosmology +1
Scientific American --Ocean Science
Scientific American --Human Ancestors
Sears, Barry --Enter the Zone
Sears, Barry --Week in the Zone
Shermer, Michael --Why People Believe Weird Things
Sloane, Eric --Reverence for Wood
Sloane, Eric --Folklore of American Weather
Sloane, Eric --Almanac and Weather Forecaster
Smithsonian --Human
Spinar, Zdenek --Life Before Man
Still, Steven M. --Herbaceous Ornamental Plants
Stokes, William Lee --Essentials of Earth History
Sutcliffe, Serena --Wines of Burgundy
Sutton, Sir Graham --The Weather

Teale, Edwin Way --North with the Spring
The Science Book
Thomas, Lewis --Medusa and the Snail
Thomas, Mai --Grannie's Remedies
Thompson, Raymond --Seppala's Saga of the Sled Dog
Thorson, Gunnar --Life in the Sea
Travel Guide USA
Traweek, Sharon --Beamtimes and Lifetimes
Triviera, Lawrence --Basic Mathematics

Verey, Rosemary --Art of Planting

Wait, D. Dwight --Ornamental Plants
Ward/Ward --Complete Samoyed
Watts, May Theilgaard --Master Tree Finder
Williams, Jack --The Weather Book
Wittrock, M.C. --The Human Brain
Wrixon, Fred B. --Codes Ciphers and Other

Young, Jay --Art of Science

Zinn, Donald J. --Handbook for Beach Strollers

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


literature and shit like that

updated 9/22/05
Acker, Kathy --Don Quixote
Adams, Douglas --So Long and Thanks for All the Fish
Adams, Douglas --Life, The Universe and Everything
Adams, Douglas --Mostly Harmless
Adams, Douglas --Restaurant at End of Universe
Adams, Henry --Education and Mont St Michel
Adams, Richard --Watership Down
Albom, Mitch --Tuesdays With Morrie
Alexander, Lloyd --Prydain Chronicles
Andersen, Hans Christiansen --Stories for Household
Anderson, Poul --High Crusade
Anderson, Poul --Time Patrol
Anderson, Poul --Saturn Game
Anthony, Piers --Tarot
Anthony, Piers --The Magic of Xanth
Anthony, Piers --Centaur Aisle
Appleton, Victor --Visitor from Planet X
Asch, Sholem --The Prophet
Asimov, Isaac --I, Robot
Auel, Jean M. --Clan of Cave Bear

Bartlett, John --Familiar Quotations
Baum, L. Frank --Wizard of Oz
Baxter, Glen --Glen Baxter His Life
Baxter, Glen --Billiard Table Murders
Bear, Greg --Eon
Bear, Greg --Legacy
Beckett, Samuel --Three Novels
Benchley, Robert --Inside Benchley
Benchley, Robert --Chips Off the Old Benchley
Benet, William Rose --Mother Goose
Bennett, Arnold --Clayhanger
Benni, Stefano --Terra!
Berlin, Lucia --Safe & Sound
Berlin, Lucia --Angels Laundromat
Boyd/Harris --Baseball Card Book
Bradbury, Ray --Quicker than the Eye
Bradbury, Ray --Toynbee Convector
Bradbury, Ray --October Country
Bradbury, Ray --Machineries of Joy
Bradley, Marion Zimmer --House Between the Worlds
Brautigan, Richard --Three Novels
Brooks, Walter R. --Freddy and Baseball Team from Mars
Burgess, Thornton --Animal Stories
Burroughs, Edgar Rice --Gods of Mars
Burroughs, Edgar Rice --Tarzan and the Golden Lion
Burroughs, Edgar Rice --Warlords of Mars
Burroughs, Edgar Rice --The Beasts of Tarzan
Burroughs, William S. --Soft Machine

Calvino, Italo --Cosmicomics
Capote, Truman --Music for Chameleons
Capote, Truman --Answered Prayers
Carr, Caleb --Angel of Darkness
Carroll, Lewis --Alice in Wonderland
Carter/de Camp/Howard --Conan of Cimmeria
Celine, Louis-Ferdinand --Death on Installment Plan
Cervantes, Miguel --Don Quixote
Chalk/Dever --Shadow on the Sand
Chekov, Anton --Portable
Clark, Tom --The Exile of Celine
Clarke, Arthur C. --Imperial Earth
Clarke, Arthur C. --Childhood's End
Clarke, Arthur C. --Sands of Mars
Clarke, Arthur C. --The Deep Range
Clarke, Arthur C. --City and the Stars
Clarke, Arthur C. --Earthlight
Clarke, Arthur C. --Glide Path
Clarke, Arthur C. --Fountains of Paradise
Clarke, Arthur C. --2001 A Space Odyssey
Clarke, Arthur C. --2010: Odyssey two, the Franchise
Clarke, Steve --The Who
Collins, Wilkie --The Moonstone
Conrad, Joseph --Tales vol 4
Conrad, Joseph --Tales vol 3
Conrad, Joseph --Tales vol 2
Conrad, Joseph --Tales vol 1
Cox, Greg --The Continuum
Crampton, Gertrude --Golden Christmas Book
Creeley, Robert --The Island
Cummings, E.E. --Enormous Room

D --Jamie
Dawson, Fielding --Future Preconditional
de Camp/Howard --Conan the Usurper
De Camp/Howard --Conan the Adventurer
Delany, Samuel R. --Empire Star
de Poncins, Gontran --Kabloona
Dickens, Charles --Christmas Carol
Dicks, Terrence --Dr. Who and the Loch Ness Monster
Dillard, J.M. --Two Captains One Destiny
Dillard, J.M. --Star Trek First Contact
Dixon-Kennedy, Mike --Arthurian Myth and Legend
Dos Passos, John --1919
Dos Passos, John --The 42nd Parallel
Dos Passos, John --The Big Money
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor --Crime and Punishment
Douglas/Kearney --Battle of Betazed
Doyle, Arthur Conan --Return of Sherlock Holmes
Doyle, Arthur Conan --Complete Sherlock Holmes
Dozois, Gardner --Year's Best Scifi, 11th
Dozois, Gardner --Year's Best Scifi, 12th
Dracula/Dr Jeckyll/Frankenstein
Dr. Suess --Six by Seuss
Dubose/Ivins --Shrub
Durrell, Lawrence --Balthazar
Durrell, Lawrence --Clea
Durrell, Lawrence --Mountolive
Durrell, Lawrence --Justine

Eaton, Evelyn --Go Ask the River
Eco, Umberto --Foucault's Pendulum
Eco, Umberto --Name of the Rose
Eco, Umberto --Baudolino
Eddings, David --Enchanter's' Endgame
Eddings, David --Pawn of Prophecy
Eddings, David --Queen of Sorcery
Eddings, David --Castle of Wizardry
Edding's David --Magician's Gambit
Eddison, E.R. --Mistress of Mistresses
Eddison, E.R. --Fish Dinner in Memison
Eliot/Goulding --New Improved Bob and Ray
Euripedes, Rufus --Ten Plays

Famous Eloquence Vol 3
Famous Eloquence Vol 4
Famous Eloquence Vol 6
Famous Eloquence Vol 7
Famous Eloquence Vol 8
Famous Eloquence Vol 10
Faulkner, William --Two Novels
Faulkner, William --Sanctuary
Faulkner, William --Sartoris
Faulkner, William --The Hamlet
Faulkner, William --The Mansion
Faulkner, William --Absalom, Absalom!
Ferguson, Brad --Crisis on Centaurus
Fing, Wing F. --Fuck, Yes
Fitzgerald, F. Scott --Three Novels
Fitzgerald, F. Scott --Collected Stories
Forbes, Esther --Johnny Tremain
Forster, E.M. --Passage to India
Foster, Alan Dean --Spellsinger
Foster, Alan Dean --Cat-A-Lyst
Foster, Alan Dean --Codgerspace

Gaddis, William --JR
Gaddis, William --Frolic of his Own
Gaiman/Pratchett --Good Omens
Gauguin, Paul --Writings of a Savage
Gorey, Edward --Amphigorey
Grahame, Kenneth --Wind in the Willow
Graves, Robert --I, Claudius
Greenberg/Pohl/Olander --Galaxy
Greenberg/Waugh/Waugh --101 Science Fiction Stories

Haggard, H. Rider --Four Novels
Hawthorne, Nathaniel --Collected Tales and Sketches
Hawthorne, Nathaniel --Twice-Told Tales
Hawthorne, Nathaniel --Scarlet Letter
Healy/McComas --Adventures in Time and Space
Heinlein, Robert. A. --The Rolling Stones
Heinlein, Robert A. --Starship Trooper
Heinlein, Robert A. --Farnham's Freehold
Heinlein, Robert A. --Time for the Stars
Heinlein, Robert A. --Orphans of the Sky
Heinlein, Robert A. --Green Hills of Earth
Heinlein, Robert A. --Assignment in Eternity
Heinlein, Robert A. --Beyond this Horizon
Heline, Corinne --Mysteries of Holy Grail
Herbert, Frank --God Emperor of Dune
Herbert, Frank --Children of Dune
Herbert, Frank --Dune Messiah
Hesse, Hermann --Narcissus and Goldmund
Hillerman, Tony --People of Darkness
Hillerman, Tony --Wailing Wind
Hillerman, Tony --Coyote Waits
Hillerman, Tony --Hunting Badger
Hillerman, Tony --Sinister Pig
Hillerman, Tony --Listening Woman
Holmes, Oliver Wendell --Breakfast Table Series
Howard, Robert E. --Wolfshead
Howard, Robert E. --Conan the Conqueror
Hurley, J. Hayes --Diary of Attending Rays
Hurley, J. Hayes --Those Brownsville Blues

I'll Be Home for Christmas
Irving, Washington --Sketchbook

James, Henry --Three Novels
James, Henry --Three more Novels
James, Henry --Selected Tales
James, Henry --Five Novels
James, Henry --Complete Stories, vol 1
James, Henry --Selected Short Stories
Johnson, B.S. --Christie Malry's Own Double Entry
Johnson, B.S. --House Mother Normal
Jones, Stephen --A Flann O'Brien Reader
Joosse/Lavallee --Mama, Do You Love Me?
Jonson, Ben --Selected Plays
Jordan, Robert --Eye of the World
Joyce, James --Portrait of the Artist
Joyce, James --Finnegans Wake
Joyce, James --Dubliners
Joyce, James --Ulysses

Kafka, Franz --The Penal Colony
Keim, Charles J. --So My Sons Will Remember
Keller/Keller --A Thingumajig Christmas
Kelly, Walter --Pogo a la Sundae
Kelly, Walt --Impollutable Pogo
Kerouac, Jack --On the Road
King, J. Robert --Legions
King, Stephen --'Salem's Lot
Kingsolver, Barbara --Poisonwood Bible
Kotzwinkle, William --E.T.

Lawrence, D.H. --Aaron's Rod
LeGuin, Ursula K. --Orsinian Tales
Leguin, Ursula K. --Five Novels
L'Engle, Madeleine --Wrinkle in Time
Lewis, C.S. --Perelandra
Lewis, C.S. --Out of Silent Planet
Lewis, C.S. --That Hideous Strength
Lincoln, Joseph C. --Rise of Roscoe Paine
Lincoln, Joseph C. --Partners of the Tide
Lincoln, Joseph C. --Rugged Waters
Lincoln, Joseph C. --Cap'n Eri
Lincoln, Joseph C. --Cy Whittaker's Place
Lincoln, Joseph C. --Mary-'Gusta
Lincoln, Joseph C. --Extricating Obadiah
Lovecraft, H.P. --Selected

Mann, Thomas --The Magic Mountain
Mann, Thomas --Joseph and his Brothers
Marlowe, Christopher --Plays
McCaffrey, Anne --All the Weyrs of Pern
McCaffrey, Anne --Dragonriders of Pern
Mehta, Gita --A River Sutra
Melville, Herman --Three Novels
Melville, Herman --Three more Novels
Melville, Herman --Four Novels
Meretsky, S. Eric --The Forces of Krill
Miller, Henry --Tropic of Cancer
Milne, A.A. --Winnie-The-Pooh
Monty Python's --Complete, vol 1
Monty Python's --Complete, vol 2
Moorcock, Michael --Nomad of Time
Mowat, Farley --Snow Walker
Mowat, Farley --People of the Deer
Musil, Robert --Man Without Qualities part 1
Musil, Robert --Man Without Qualities part 2
Musil, Robert --Man Without Qualities part 3

Nicol, C.W. --White Shaman
Norton, Andre --Horn Crown
Norton, Andre --'Ware Hawk

O'Brian, Patrick --Wine-Dark Sea
O'Brian, Patrick --The Commodore
O'Brian, Patrick --Treason's Harbour
O'Brian, Patrick --Nutmeg of Consolation
O'Brian, Patrick --Letter of Marque
O'Brian, Patrick --HMS Surprise
O'Brian, Patrick --Desolation Island
O'Brian, Patrick --Fortune of War
O'Brian, Patrick --Surgeon's Mate
O'Brian, Patrick --Ionian Mission
O'Brian, Patrick --Post Captain
O'Brian, Patrick --Master and Commander
O'Brian, Patrick --The Truelove
O'Brian, Patrick --Far Side of the World
O'Brian, Patrick --Reversal of the Medal
O'Brian, Patrick --Mauritius Command
O'Brien, Flann --At Swim-Two-Birds
O'Brien, Flann --The Third Policeman
O'Brien, Flann --The Dalkey Archive
O. Henry --Whirligig

Perelman, S.J. --The Most of
Piccirilli, Tom --Pentacle
Poe, Edgar Allan --Collected Tales and Poetry
Potter, Beatrix --Peter Rabbit
Pratchett, Terry --Johnny Maxwell Trilogy
Pratchett, Terry --The Bromeliad
Pratchett, Terry --Fifth Elephant
Pratchett, Terry, --Mort
Pratchett, Terry --Reaper Man
Pratchett, Terry --The Light Fantastic
Pratchett, Terry --Interesting Times
Pratchett, Terry --Soul Music
Pratchett, Terry --Night Watch
Pratchett, Terry --Feet of Clay
Pratchett, Terry --Going Postal
Pratchett, Terry --Witches Abroad
Pratchett, Terry --Sourcery
Pratchett, Terry --Pyramids
Pratchett, Terry --Moving Pictures
Pratchett, Terry --Small Gods
Pratchett, Terry --Wyrd Sisters
Pratchett, Terry --Monstrous Regiment
Pratchett, Terry --Guards Guards
Pratchett, Terry --Equal Rites
Pratchett, Terry --Maskerade
Pratchett, Terry --The Last Continent
Pratchett, Terry --Eric
Pratchett, Terry --Colour of Magic
Pratchett, Terry --The Truth
Pratchett, Terry --Thief of Times
Pratchett, Terry --Hogfather
Pratchett, Terry --Jingo
Proust, Marcel --Remembrance of Things Past, 3 books
Proust, Marcel --Remembrance of Things Past, 4 books
Puditis, Paul --Shockwave
Pyle, Howard --Robin Hood
Pym, Barbara --Sweet Dove Died
Pynchon, Thomas --Gravity's Rainbow

Rabelais, Francois --Selected
Rain, Mary Summer --Dreamwalker
Ransome, Arthur --The Big Six
Resnick, Michael --Miracle of Rare Design
Rice, Anne --Interview with the Vampire
Riddles, Libby --Danger the Dog Yard Cat
Ringo, John --There Will Be Dragons
Robinson, Kim Stanley --Blue Mars
Robinson, Kim Stanley --Green Mars
Robinson, Kim Stanley --Red Mars
Rohmer, Sax --Drums of Fu Manchu
Rohmer, Sax --Trail of Fu Manchu
Rohmer, Sax --Four Novels
Root, Henry --Root Into Europe
Root, Henry --Complete Letters
Rowling, J.K. --Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Rowling, J.K. --Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Rowling, J.K. --Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone
Rowling, J.K. --Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Rusch/Smith --By the Book
Ruskin, John --Works

Saberhagen, Fred --Complete Book of Swords
Sanders, Ed --Fame and Love in New York
Sanders, William --Blood Autumn
Shakespeare, William --Tout Fromage
Shakespeare, William --MacBeth
Shute, Henry A. --Misadventures of Three Good Boys
Shute, Nevil --The Chequer Board
Signals 3
Silko, Leslie Marmon --Ceremony
Silver, Alfred --Red River Story
Smith, E.E. “Doc” --First Lensman
Sophocles, Bob --Complete Plays
Sterne, Laurence --Sentimental Journal
Sterne, Laurence --Tristram Shandy
Stevenson, Robert Louis --Six Novels
Stone, Honor --Shadow Mountain
Sullivan, Walter --We Are Not Alone
Synge, John M. --Complete Plays
Synge, John M. --The Aran Islands

Taylor, Keith --Search for the Starblade
The Santa Claus Book
Thirkell, Angela --A Double Affair
Thirkell, Angela --County Chronicle
Thirkell, Angela --The Brandon's
Thomas, Dylan --Child's Christmas in Wales
Thompson, Hunter S. --Great Shark Hunt
Thurber, James --Thurber Carnival
Tolkien, J.R.R. --Two Towers
Tolkien, J.R.R. --The Hobbit
Tolkien, J.R.R. --Return of the King
Tolkien, J.R.R. --Fellowship of he Ring
Tolkien, J.R.R. --The Hobbit
Tolkien, J.R.R. --Smith of Wooton Major
Tolstoy, Leo --War and Peace
Toole, John Kennedy --Confederacy of Dunces
Trollope, Anthony --Barchester Towers
Twain, Mark --Collected Tales vol 1
Twain, Mark --Collected Tales vol 2
Twain, Mark --Huckleberry Finn

Van Allsburg, Chris --Polar Express
Verne, Jules --20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Volk, Toni --Montana Women
Vornholt, John --Genesis Wave
Vornholt, John --Genesis Wave book 2
Vornholt, John --Genesis Wave book 3
Vornholt, John --Gemworld
Vornholt, John --Gemworld book 2

Walton, Izaak --Compleat Angler
White, T.H. --Once and Future King
Wilde, Oscar --Selected
Wilder, Laura Ingalls --Little House on
Williams, Paul O. --Breaking of Northwall
Williams, William Carlos --Farmer's Daughter
Winfield, Arthur M. --Rover Boys in the Air
Wolfe, Gene --Litany of Long Sun
Wolfe, Gene --Epiphany of the Long Sun
Woolf, Virginia --Mrs. Dalloway
Woolf, Virginia --Between the Acts
Woolf, Virginia --Orlando
Woolf, Virginia --The Waves
Woolf, Virginia --To the Lighthouse

Yeats, William Butler --Eleven Plays

Monday, July 11, 2005


History such and such, updated 9/21/05

Acton, Harold --Last Medici
Adams/Adams --John Adams vol 1
Adams/Adams --John Adams vol 2
Aginsky/Aginsky --Deep Valley
Alden, John R. --George Washington
Alexander, Caroline --The Endurance
Allcock, Leslie --Arthur's Britain
Ambrose, Stephen --Undaunted Courage
Ambrose, Stephen --Citizen Soldiers
America and its People
Andrist, Ralph --The Long Death
Armstrong, Virginia Irving --I Have Spoken
Asimov, Isaac --The Egyptians

Baldwin, Gordon C. --The Apache Indians
Ballonga/Escofet/Hernandez --San Rafael
Barnes West Virginia Code 1923
Beckham, Stephen Dow --Requiem for a People
Bede --History of English Church
Bedford Sampler
Berry, Dan --Majority of Scoundrels
Blum/Morgan --The National Experience vol 2
Bonfanti, Leo --Massachusetts Bay Colony vol 1
Bonfanti, Leo --Massachusetts bay Colony vol 2
Bonfanti, Leo --New England Indians vol 1
Bonfanti, Leo --New England Indians vol 2
Bonfanti, Leo --New England Indians vol 3
Bonfanti, Leo --Pequot-Mohican War
Bonfanti, Leo --New England Indians vol 5
Bourne/Olson --Northmen, Columbus, Cabot
Bradford, William --History of Plymouth Plantation
Bridge, Anthony --The Crusades
Bruce, George --Harbottle's Dictionary of Battles
Brodie, Fawn M. --No Man Knows My History
Brogan, Hugh --Penguin History of USA
Brookhiser, Richard --Founding Father
Brown, Dee --Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
Brown, Lloyd A. --Story of Maps
Brown, Willard D. --Story of Buckman Tavern
Browning/FitzLyon --Before the Revolution
Brownlow, W.G. --Rise, Progress, Decline of Secession
Bruce, George --Harbottle's Dictionary of Battles
Budge, E.A. Wallis --Dwellers of the Nile
Burke, John --Life in Medieval Castle
Burns, Edward McNall --Western Civilizations vol 1
Butt/Donnachie --Industrial Archaeology

Cahill, Robert Ellis --Viking and Indian Wars
Castile, George Pierre --North American Indians
Catlin, George --Letters
Catton, Bruce --This Hallowed Ground
Catton, Bruce --Army of the Potomac
Catton, Bruce --Stillness at Appomattox
Catton, Bruce --Glory Road
Catton, Bruce --Grant Takes Command
Catton, Bruce --Reflections on Civil War
Catton/Ketcham --The Civil War
Chadwick, Nora --The Celts
Chamberlain, Samuel --Lexington and Concord
Clark/Lewis --Journals
Coburn, Frank Warren --Muster Rolls of Minute-Men
Cohen, Stan B. --West Virginia Civil War Sites
Commager, Henry Steele --Blue and Gray
Connell, Evan S. --Son of the Morning Star
Crawford, Lucy C. --History of White Mountains
Crickard, Madeleine W. --Index to 1810 Virginia Census
Crowell/Fitzhugh --Crossroads of Continents
Cunliffe, Macus --George Washington
Curtis, Edward S. --Portable Curtis
Cushman, Dan --Great Trail North

Davidson, H.R. Ellis --Gods and Myths of Viking Age
Davis, Burke --Gray Fox
Davis, Charles G. --American Sailing Ships
Davis, Emily C. --Ancient Americans
Davis, Nuel Pharr --Lawrence and Oppenheimer
de Hass, Wills --History of West Virginia
Demos, John --A Little Commonwealth
Deveze, Lily --City of Carcassonne
DeVoto, Bernard --Year of Decision
DeVoto, Bernard --Across the Wide Missouri
DeVoto, Bernard --Course of Empire
Discovering America's Past
Doddridge, Joseph --Logan
Douglass, Frederick --Narrative of the Life
Doyle, William --Oxford History of French Revolution
Duby/Perrot --History of Women vol 1
Duby/Perrot --History of Women vol 2
Duby/Perrot --History of Women vol 3
Dun J. Li --Ageless Chinese
Duruy, Victor --The Greeks

Eckert, Allan W. --The Conquerors
Eckert, Allan W. --The Frontiersman
Eckert, Allan W. --Wilderness Empire
Evans, George Ewart --Ask the Fellow who Cut the Hay

Fagan, Brian M. --In the Beginning
Federal Writers Project --New England Hurricane
Feldstein, Stanley --Land That I Show You
Fell, Barry --Sage America
Flexner, James Thomas --Washington
Foote, Shelby --Civil War vol 1
Foote, Shelby --Civil War vol 2
Foote, Shelby --Civil War vol 3
Fox, Hugh --Gods of Cataclysm
Fraser, Antonia --Cromwell
Fraser, Antonia --Mary Queen of Scots

Gabrielli, Francesco --Arab Historians of the Crusades
Gates, John D. --The Astor Family
Georgetta, Clel --Golden Fleece of Nevada
Gibbon, Edward --Decline and Fall
Gidley, M. --With One Sky Above
Gies/Gies --Life in a Medieval City
Gilbert, Bil --Westering Man
Gilbert, Martin --Atlas of American History
Gilbert, Martin --Atlas of British History
Girouard, Mark --The English Town
Goodchild, Peter --Oppenheimer
Grant, Michael --Atlas of Ancient History
Grant, Michael --Guide to the Ancient World
Grant, U.S. --Memoirs
Green/Sanford --Basic Principles of American Government

Hackett, John --The Third World War
Hadingham, Evan --Secrets of the Ice Age
Hakluyt, Richard --Hakluyt's Voyages
Halberstam, David --The Best and the Brightest
Halstead, L.B. --Search for the Past
Harris/Krout/Rice --U.S. History to 1877
Hart, B.H. Liddell --History of Second World War
Hartley, Dorothy --Lost Country Life
Henderson, G.F.R. --Stonewall Jackson vol 1
Henderson, G.F.R. --Stonewall Jackson vol 2
Herm, Gerhard --The Celts
Herodotus --The Histories
Hewitt, James --Eyewitnesses to Wagon Trains West
Heyerdahl, Thor --Early Man and the Ocean
Historic Characters and Famous Events
Horan/Sann --Pictorial History of Wild West
Howarth, David --Voyage of the Armada
Howarth, David --1066 the Year of Conquest
Howell, Roger --Cromwell
Hoyt, Robert S. --Life in Middle Ages
Huizinga, J. --Waning of the Middle Ages

Jacoby/White --Thunder Out of China
James, Marquis --Life of Andrew Jackson
Jarman, Rosemary Hawley --Crispin's Day
Jenning's, Herman A. --Provincetown
Jochelson, Waldemar --History of the Aleut
Johnson/McLaughlin --Civil War Battles

Kouenhoven, John --Adventures of America
Kramer, Samuel Noah --The Sumerians
Krout/Rice --US History from 1865
Kunetka, James W. --Oppenheimer The Years of Risk

Lamb, Harold --Charlemagne
Lancaster/Plumb --American Heritage Book of the Revolution
Lanciani, Rodolpho --Ancient and Modern Rome
Leach, Douglas Edward --Northern Colonial Frontier
Lee, Robert E. --Wartime Papers
LeWarne, Charles Pierce --Utopias on Puget Sound
Lincoln, Abraham --Speeches and Letters vol 1
Lincoln, Abraham --Speeches and Letters vol 2

Macaulay, David --City
Macaulay, David --Castle
Mackay, James --William Wallace Braveheart
Maclear, Michael --Ten Thousand Day War
Manceron, Claude --Toward the Brink
Manceron, Claude --Wind From America
Manchester, William --Arms of Krupp
Mandela, Nelson --Long Walk to Freedom
Margolis/Viola --Seeds of Change
Marshall, S.L.A. --History of World War I
Mattingly, Garrett --The Armada
Mattingly, Garrett --Renaissance Diplomacy
McCullough, David --1776
McDermott, John Francis --Travelers on the Western Frontier
McEvedy, Colin --Atlas of Ancient History
McEvedt, Colin --Atlas of Medieval History
McManners, John --History of Christianity
McMeekin, Clark --Old Kentucky Country
McPherson, Jams M. --Battle Cry of Freedom
Meredith, Roy --Mr Lincoln's General's
Merk, Frederick --History of Western Movement
Miller, John C. --Origins of American Revolution
Miller/Snell --Gunfighters of Kansas Cowtowns
Mitchell, John Hanson --Ceremonial Time
Moorehead, Alan --Blue Nile
Morgan, Dale L. --Jedediah Smith
Morison, Samuel Eliot --Ropemakers of Plymouth

Nash, Gary B. --Urban Crucible
Neff, Donald --Warriors at Suez
Newton/Treat --Outline for English History
Nineteenth Century Baseball Stars

Ostling/Ostling --Mormon America
Oxford, Basil Blackwell --They Saw It Happen

Parkman, Francis --Pioneers of France
Parkman, Francis --Jesuits in North America
Parkman, Francis --Count Frontenac and New France
Parkman, Francis --Montcalm and Wolfe
Parkman, Francis --Oregon Trail
Parkman, Francis --Conspiracy of Pontiac
Pendery/Sideris/Synenki --Traces of the Past
Plamodon, Martin --Lewis and Clark Trail Maps
Plutarch --Lives of Noble Greeks
Porter, Horace --Campaigning with Grant
Potter, David M. --Trail to California
Powell, William --Saudi Arabia and its Royal Family
Prescott, William H. --Conquest of Mexico and Peru
Pushkarev/Tunnard --Man-Made America

Randel, William Peirce --Mirror of a People
Reeves, Richard --American Journey
Robertson, James Oliver --American Myth American Reality
Rodenburg, Theo --Photographic History of Civil War vol 1
Rodenburg, Theo --Photographic History of Civil War vol 2
Rodgers/Sullivan --Photographic History of Cambridge
Rohrbough, Malcolm J. --Land Office Business
Rossiter, Clinton --Political Thought of American Revolution
Runciman, Stephen --The First Crusades
Russell, Osborne --Journal of a Trapper
Ruxton, George Frederick --Life in the Far West

Sanders, Ronald --Lost Tribes and Promised Lands
Sandoz, Mari --Cheyenne Autumn
Sauer, Carl O. --Northern Mists
Sauer, Carl O. --Selected Essays
Sauer, Carl O. --Seventeenth Century North America
Sauer, Carl O. --Sixteenth Century North America
Savage, Anne --Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
Scarre, Chris --Timelines of Ancient World
Seward, Desmond --Richard III
Seymour, Harold --Baseball The Early Years
Seymour, Harold --Baseball The Golden Age
Seymour, Harold --Baseball the People's Game
Sherman, W.T. --Memoirs
Sloane, Eric --Eric Sloane's America
Sloane, Eric --Diary of an Early American Boy
Smith, Bradley F. --Road to Nuremberg
Snow, Edward Rowe --Fantastic Folklore and Fact
Stegner, Wallace --Gathering of Zion
Stoddard, Hope --Famous American Women
Suetonius --Twelve Caesars
Sun Tzu --Art of War

Tadgell, Christopher --China a History of Architecture
The American Years
Thrower, Rayner --The Pirate Picture
Tuchman, Barbara W. --Distant Mirror
Tuchman, Barbara W. --Guns of August
Tuchman, Barbara W. --Practicing History
Tuchman, Barbara W. --The Zimmermann Telegram
Tuchman, Barbara W. --Notes from China
Tuchman, Barbara W. --Stilwell and the American Experience
Tuchman, Barbara W. --First Salute
Tuchman, Barbara W. --March of Folly
Turner, Frederick --Beyond Geography

Utley/Verner --Independent Carolina Baseball League
Utley/Washburn --Indian Wars

Velikovsky, Emmanuel --Peoples of the Sea
Verkowski, Jan L. --Vampires of the Slavs
Vestal, Stanley --Jim Bridger
Viola, Herman J. --Exploring the West
Vogt, John --Portuguese Rule on the Gold Coast

Warren Commission Report
Waters, Frank --Book of Hopi
Wendell, Barrett --Cotton Mather
Wheeler, Keith --The Railroaders
Wheeler, Richard --Witness to Gettysburg
Whitrow, C.J. --Time in History
Williamson, Rana K. --American History
Willis, Michael --Tibet
Wilson, David M. --The Vikings and their Origins
Wood, W. J. --Battles of the Revolutionary War
Woodward, David --Five Centuries of Map Printing

Zinn, Howard --People's History of the US

Monday, July 04, 2005

Dictionaries and Grammars

Dictionaries and such

updated 9/21/05

1811 Dictionary of Vulgar Tongue

Adams/Bourhis --Style Manual for Communication Studies
Almatsier, A.M. --How to Master Indonesian
Auge/Auge --Nouveau Petit Larousse

Baran, ElaineVertucci --Modern Spoken Italian
Baugh, Albert C. --History of English Language
Berlitz, M.D. --Metodo Espanol
Bierce, Ambrose --Devil's Dictionary
Blakeley, Leslie --Old English
Bly, Robert W. --Copywriter's Handbook
Bocchetta, Vittore E. --Italian English Dictionary
Bolander/Pine/Varner --Instant Synonyms and Antonyms
Bond/Castillo --Spanish English
Bowen/Jones --Welsh
Budge, E. A. Wallis --Egyptian Language
Burchfield, Robert --Unlocking the English Language

Chapman, Robert L. --American Slang
Chapman, Robert L. --Roget's Thesaurus
Ciatti/Martin --Italian-English
Ciatti/Martin --Conversational Italian
Compact Oxford English Dictionary A-O
Compact Oxford English Dictionary P-Z
Complete Word Finder
Cran/McCrum/MacNeil --Story of English

Dean, Nora Thompson --Lenape Language Lessons vol 1
Dean, Nora Thompson --Lenape Language Lessons vol 2
Dillon/oCroinin --Irish
DuBois/Fronval --Indian Signals and Sign Language
Duff, Charles --Italian for Beginners

Emmanuel/Pappageotes --Modern Greek
Essentials of Russian

Fleming/Honour/Pevsner --Dictionary of Architecture
Fraser/Squair --Shorter French Course
Freeman, Morton S. --Good Writing and Grammar
Fuchs, Marjorie --Focus on Grammar

Genevieve --Merde Encore!
Glut, Donald F. --Dinosaur Dictionary
Gowers, Sir Ernest --Plain Words

Hall, James --Dictionary of Subjects and Symbols in Art
Halpert/Madrigal --See It & Say It in German
Harris, Nathaniel --Mapping the World
Hendrickson, Robert --Word and Phrase Origins
Hughes, Geoffrey --Swearing

Jespersen, Otto --Growth and Structure of English Language
Johnson, Jean --Bedford Guide to Research Papers
Johnson, Samuel --Selected Dictionary

King, Dean --Sea of Words

Laird, Charlton --The Word
Larousse de Poche
Larousse French-English
Langenscheidt's German-English
Learner's Irish-English Dictionary

Mager/Mager --Morrow Book of New Words
Mayer, Ralph --Art Terms and Techniques
Mencken, H.L. --American Language
Moss, Norman --British/American Dictionary

Oxford English Etymology
Oxford American Dictionary
Oxford Complete Word Finder
Onions, C.T. --Webster's Thesaurus
O Siadhail, Micheal --Learning Irish

Partridge, Eric --Concise Dictionary of English Slang
Partridge, Eric --Dictionary of Catch Phrases
Partridge, Eric --In His Own Words
Partridge, Eric --Smaller Slang Dictionary
Partridge, Eric --Origins
Pittaro, John M.

Random House Webster's Thesaurus
Rose-Innes, Arthur --Chinese-Japanese Characters

Safire, William --What's the Good Word
Sapir, Edward --Selected
Sebeok/Umiker-Sebeok --Aboriginal Sign Language
Sharp, Harry --50,000 Words Divided and Spelled
Shaw, Harry --Errors in English
Sheidlower, Jesse --The F Word
Shipley, Joseph T. --Word Origins
Simpson, D.P. --Compact Latin Dictionary
Spears, Richard A. --Slang and Euphemism
Strunk/White --Elements of Style

Tozzer, Alfred M. --Maya Grammar
Tritton, A.S. --Teach Yourself Arabic

Walsh, Len --Read Japanese Today
Warrack, Alexander --Concise Scots Dictionary
Webster's English Dictionary
Wilson, N. Scarlyn --Spanish

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philosophy, various intellectual whatnot
updated 9/21/05

Abram, David --Spell of the Sensuous
Adams, Henry --Education of Henry Adams
Adams, James L. --Conceptual Blockbusting
Allan/Burridge --Euphemism & Dysphemism
Alston/Brandt --Problems of Philosophy
Conlet, Verena Andermatt --Rethinking Technologies
Anderson, Walter Truett --Reality Isn't What It Used to Be
Aquinas, Thomas --Division and Methods of Sciences
Aristotle, Shirley --Metaphysics
Aristotle , Pete --Selected
Aristotle , Robocop --Poetics
Aurelius, Marcus --Meditations

Bahai Prayers
Barad/Robwertson --Ethics of Star Trek
Barr, Cyrilla --Monophonic Lauda
Barrow, John --Theories of Everything
Barry, Vincent --Dog Ate My Homework
Barthes, Roland --Mythologies
Bateson, Gregory --Mind and Nature
Baudrillard, Jean --Passwords
Baudrillard, Jean --Spirit of Terrorism
Beck, Charlotte Joko --Nothing Special
Berger, Arthur Asa --Li'l Abner
Bierman/Gould --Philosophy for a New Generation
Boldt, Laurence G. --How to Find Work You Love
Brittenham, etc --Making Sense
Brown, C. Mackenzie --The Devi Gita
Buber, Martin --I and Thou
Budge, E.A. Wallis --Egyptian Book of the Dead
Burns, Emile --Marxist Reader
Burton, Robert --Anatomy of Melancholy
Byrom, Tom --Dhammapada

Cahn, Steven --Readings in Philosophy of Education
Campbell, Joseph --Hero with a Thousand Faces
Campbell, Joseph --Primitive Mythology
Campbell, Joseph --Creative Mythology
Campbell, Joseph --Oriental Mythology
Campbell, Joseph --Occidental Mythology
Campbell, Joseph --Portable Jung
Chadwick, David --Thank You and Okay
Childre/Cryer --From Chaos to Coherence
Chopra, Deepak --Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
Chopra, Deepak --The Wisdom Within
Curton, Tobias --The Gnostics
Cleary, Thomas --Secret of the Golden Flower
Cobley/Jansz --Introducing Semiotics
Coleridge, Samuel --Biographia Literaria
Collins, Terah Kathryn --Western Guide to Feng Shui

Dagyab Rinpoche --Buddhist Symbols
Dalai Lama --Book of Love and Compassion
Dalai Lama --An Open Heart
Dalai Lama --Transforming the Mind
Dalai Lama --Healing Anger
Dalai Lama --A Beginner's Guide
Dalai Lama --How To Practice
Dalai Lama --Ethics for the New Millennium
Dalai, Lama --Simple Path
Darwin, Charles --The Darwin Reader's
Darwin, Charles --Origin of Species
Davison, Ronald --Astrology
De Becker, Gavin --Protecting the Gift
de Crevecoeur, J Hector --Letters from an American Farmer
De Quincey, Thomas --Confessions of English Opium-eater
Derrida, Jacques --Aporias
Descartes, Rene --Discourse on Methods and Meditations
Descarte, Rene --Selected
Descarte/Spinoza --Selected
Dewey, John --Experience and Nature
Doresse, Jean --Secret Books of Egyptian Gnostics
Droit, Roger-Pol --Astonish Yourself 101

Einstein, Albert --Ideas and Opinions
Eiseley, Loren --Invisible Pyramid
Eliade, Mircea --Sacred and the Profane
Emerson, R.W. --Selected Journals
Emerson, R.W. --Selected Writings
Emmons, Viva --Roots of Peace
Evans-Wentz, W.Y. --Tibetan Book of Great Liberation
Evans-Wentz, W.Y. --Tibetan Book of the Dead

Farrington, Karen --History of Religion
Ford, Clellan S. --Cross-Cultural Approaches
Foucault, Michel --Birth of the Clinic
Foucault, Michel --This Is Not a Pipe
Fremantle, Francesca --Luminous Emptiness
Freud, Sigmund --Selected
Fuller, Margaret --Selected
Fuller, R. Buckminster --Synergetics
Fuller, R. Buckminster --Ideas and Integrities
Fuller, R. Buckminster --Nine Chains to the Moon
Fuller, R. Buckminster --Earth, Inc
Fussell, Paul --Thank God for Atom Bomb

Gibran, Kahlil --The Prophet
Gillette/Moore --King Warrior Magician Lover
Goleman/Thurman --Mind Science
Goshgarian, Gary --Exploring Language
Gunaratana, Bhante --Mindfulness in Plain English
Gutek, Gerald L. --Foundations of Education
Gyatso, Kelsang --Understanding the Mind

Hamilton/Madison/Jay --Federalist Papers
Hannaford, Carla --Smart Moves
Harsanyi, John --Rational Behavior and Bargaining Equilibrium
Hayles, N. Katherine --How We Became Post Human
Hegel, G.W.F. --Phenomenology of Spirit
Heidegger, Martin --Being and Time
Heidegger, Martin --Poetry, Language, Thought
Heinrich, Bernd --Why We Run
Hill, Melvyn --Hannah Arendt: Recovery of Public World
Hobbes, Thomas --The Leviathan
Holden, Greg --Karma Kids
Holland, John --Emergence from Chaos to Order
Hopkins, Jeffrey --Emptiness Yoga
Houston, Jean --Search for the Beloved
Hume, David --Treatise of Human Nature
Huntington, Samuel S. --Clash of Civilizations

Ibrahim, I.A. --Brief Guide to Understanding Islam

James, William --Varieties of Religious Experience
James, William --Pragmatism
Jefferson, Thomas --Letters
Jou, Tsung Hwa --I Ching
Jung, C.G. --The Undiscovered Self
Jung, C.G. --Modern Man in Search of a Soul
Jung, C.G. --Memories, Dreams, Reflections
Jung, C.G. --Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious
Jung, C.G. --Man and his Symbols

Kabat-Zinn, Jon --Wherever You Go There You Are
Kabat-Zinn, Jon --Full Catastrophe Living
Kagan, Robert --Of Paradise and Power
Kahane, Howard --Logic and Philosophy
Kama Sutra
Kant, Emmanuel --Critique of Pure Reason
Kant, Immanuel --Critique of Judgment
Kapleau, Philip --Three Pillars of Zen
Kelley, Dorothy --Tarot Card Combinations
Ketcham, Ralph --Anti-Federalist Papers
Key, Wilson Bryan --Subliminal Seduction
Keyes, Ken --Handbook to Higher Consciousness
Kierkegaard, Soren --The Present Age
Kierkegaard, Soren --Selected
Kierkegaard, Soren --Fear and Trembling
Knott, Kim --Hinduism
Koyre, Alexandre --From the Closed World

Lama Surya Das --Awakening the Buddha Within
Landis, Benson Y. --Outline of Bible
Lao Tzu --Tao Teh Ching
Lao-Tzu --Tao Te Ching
Lawrence, T.E. --Seven Pillars of Wisdom
Legge, James --I Ching
Lerner, Gerda --Why History Matters
Lewis, C.S. --A Grief Observed
Lewis, C.S. --Abolition of Man
Locke, John --Essay Concerning Human Nature
Locke, John --Two Treatises of Government
Lucretius --On the Nature of Things

Machiavelli, Niccolo --The Prince
Marinoff, Lou --Plato Not Prozac
May, Rollo --Power and Innocence
McKibben, Bill --Age of Missing Information
McLuhan, Marshall --The Gutenberg Galaxy
Merleau-Ponty, M. --Phenomenology of Perception
Merton, Thomas --Secular Journal
Mill, John Stuart --On Liberty
Miller, J.Hillis --Topographies
Moacanin, Radmilla --Jung's Psychology and Tibetan Buddhism
de Montaigne, Michel --Complete Essays
Moran, Dermot --Introduction to Phenomenology
Muller, F. Max --Upanisads, vol. 1
Muller, F. Max --Upanisads, vol 2
Murray, Janet --Hamlet on the Holodeck

Neumann, Erich --Origins of History and Consciousness
Newman, George --Long-Distance Super Dad
Nietzsche, Friedrich --Portable
Norretranders, Tor --User Illusion

Ornstein, Robert --The Mindfield
Osborne, Richard --Philosophy for Beginners

Pagels, Elaine --Gnostic Gospels
Paine, Tom --Selected
Pascal, Blaise --Pensees
Plato, Elmer --Great Dialogues
Plato, Louise --Meno
Plato, Shabazz --Last Days of Socrates
Plotinus, Betsy --The Enneads
Prasad, Ramananda --Bhagavad-Gita


Ricard/Trinh --Quantum and the Lotus
Ringu Tulku --Path to Buddhahood
Revel/Ricard --The Monk and the Philosopher
Richmond, Lewis --Work as Spiritual Practice
Russell, Bertrand --The ABC of Relativity

Saarinen/Taylor --Imagologies
Santayana, George --Sense of Beauty
Schoedinger, Andrew --Metaphysics The Fundamental Questions
Shaffert, Eric --Feng Shui and Money
Shantideva --Way of the Bodhisattva
Silananda, U --Four Foundations of Mindfulness
Simpkins/Simpkins --Simple Buddhism
Smith/Smith --Husserl
Smolan, Rick --24 Hours in Cyberspace
Sontag, Susan --Under the Sign of Saturn
Spence, Jonathan --Chinese Roundabout
St. Augustine --City of God
Standage, Tom --Victorian Internet
Starobinski, Jean --Words Upon Words
Swami Prabhupada --Bhagavad-Gita
Swami Prabhupada --King of Knowledge
Swami Prabhupada. --Easy Journey to Other Planets
Swami Prabhupada --A Second Chance
Swami Prabhupada --Coming Back
Swami Venkatesananda --Vasitha's Yoga
Swami Vivekananda --Hinduism
Swedenberg, Emanuel --Divine Love and Wisdom
Thanissaro Bhikku --Handful of Leaves vol 1
Thanissaro Bhikku --Handful of Leaves vol 2
Thanissaro Bhikku --Handful of Leaves vol 3
Thanissaro Bhikku --Handful of Leaves vol 4
Thich Nhat Hanh --Peace Is Every Step
Thoreau, H.D. --Walden
Thoreau, H.D. --Walden
Thoreau, H.D. --Journals vol 1
Thoreau, H.D. --Journals vol 2
Thoreau, H.D. --Journals vol 3
Thoreau, H.D. --Journals vol 4
Thoreau, H.D. --Journals vol 5
Thoreau, H.D. --Journals vol 6
Thoreau, H.D. --Journals vol 7
Thoreau, H.D. --Journals vol 8
Thoreau, H.D. --Journals vol 9
Thoreau, H.D. --Journals vol 10
Thoreau, H.D. --Journals vol 11
Thoreau, H.D. --Journals vol 12
Thoreau, H.D. --Journals vol 13
Thoreau, H.D. --Journals vol 14
Thoreau, H.D. --Journals botanical index
Thoreau, H.D. --Faith in a Seed
Thoreau, H.D. --Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers
Thoreau, H.D. --Major Essays
Thoreau, H.D. --Cape Cod
Thurman, Robert --Tibetan Buddhism
Thurman, Robert --Infinite Life
Thurman, Robert --Tibetan Book of the Dead
Thurman, Robert --Inner Revolution
de Tocqueville, Alexis --Democracy in America

Van de Castle, Robert --Our Dreaming Mind
Van Doren, Charles --A History of Knowledge
Varela, Francisco --Sleeping, Dreaming and Dying
Vernon, M.D. --Perception Through Experience
Vitrilio, Paul --Unknown Quantity
Vitrilio/Lotringer --Pure War
Voltaire --Portable

Wagner, Julia A. --Palmistry
Waite, Arthur Edward --Pictorial Key of the Tarot
Wangyal, Tenzin --Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep
Whitehead, Alfred North --Adventures of Ideas
Whitfield, Charles L. --Healing the Child Within
Winterson, Jeanette --Art Objects
Wittgenstein, Ludwig --Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus
Wittgenstein, Ludwig --Philosophical Grammar
Woolf, V. Vernon --Holodynamics

Yates, Frances --The Art of Memory

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Criticism, bio, letters, etc

updated 9/21/05

Asimov, Isaac --Guide to Bible

Barber, Richard --Legends of Arthur
Bate, Walter Jackson --John Keats
Bernstein, Charles --Content's Dream
Berrigan, Ted --Talking in Tranquility
Bloom, Harold --Poems of our Climate
Bloom, Harold --Agon
Bloom, Harold --A Map of Misreading
Brazeau, Peter --Parts of a World
Briggs, K.M. --The Fairies in Tradition and Literature
Brooks, Cleanth --Well Wrought Urn
Brooks, Van Wyck --Flowering of New England
Brooks, Van Wyck --New England Indian Summer
Bullfinch, Thomas --Mythology
Burroway, Jane --Writing Fiction
Butterick, Charles --Editing the Maximus Poem
Butterick, Geroge --Guide to the Maximus Poems
Byrd, Don --Charles Olson's Maximus

Callahan, Bob --Algonguin Woods
Carlyle, Thomas --Selected Essays
Carr, Emily --Complete Writings
Cassady, Neal --The First Third
Clark, Tom --Late Returns
Coleridge, Samuel --Journals vol 2
Coppee, Henri --Famous Poets
Creeley, Robert --Contexts of Poetry
Creeley/Olson --Complete Correspondence vol 1
Creeley/Olson --Complete Correspondence vol 2

Dahlberg, Edward --Because I Was Flesh
Dahlberg, Edward --Can These Bones Live
Damon, Maria --Margins in America
Darwin, Charles --Voyage of the Beagle
Davenport, Guy --Every Force Involves Form
Davenport, Guy --Geography of he Imagination
Davie, Donald --Ezra Pound
Deutsch, Babette --Poetry Handbook
Dorn, Edward --View
Dorn, Edward --Interviews
Dorn, Ed --Some Business Lately Transacted

Eigner, Larry --Areas Lights Heights
Evert, Walter --Aesthetic and Myth in Poetry of Keats

Ford, Ford Madox --March of Literature
Forty, Jo --Mythology
Frobenius, Leo --African Genesis
Frye, Northrup --Myth and Metaphor

Gantz, Timothy --Early Greek Myths
Gelly, Dave --Lester Young
Gide, Andre --Journals
Gooch, Brad --City Poet
Graves, Robert --White Goddess

Haycraft/Kunitz --British Authors of the 19th Century
Hazlitt, William --Sketches and Essays
Hazlitt, William --Spirit of the Age
Higgins, Dick --A Dialectic of Centuries
Hines, Thomas Jensen --Collaborative Form
Howells/Twain --Selected Letters

Ignatow, David --Notebooks
Io 22 --Olson-Melville Sourcebook

James, Henry --Selected Letters
James, Henry --Travel Writing, Britain and American
James, Henry --Travel Writings, the Continent
James, Henry --Essays and Criticism
Jeffries, Lesley --Language of 20th Century Poetry
Jones, LeRoi --Blues People

Keats, John --Selected Letters
Keats House A Guide
Kenner, Hugh --A Sinking Island
Kenner, Hugh --The Pound Era
Kenner, Hugh --A Colder Eye
Kenner, Hugh --Joyce's Voices
Kenner, Hugh --Ulysses

LANGUAGE supplement 1
LANGUAGE supplement 3
Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology
Lawrence, D.H. --Selected Letters
Lawrence, D.H. --Studies in Classic American Literature
Lehman, David --Signs of the Times
Levertov, Denise --In Her Own Province
Levertov, Denise --Poet in the World

Mack, Maynard --Everybody's Shakespeare
Massachusetts Review (Olson issue)
McCaffery, Steve --North of Intention
McGarry, Mary --Fairy Tales of Ireland
Meltzer, Richard --Prickly Heat and Cold
Meltzer, Richard --Post Natal Trash
Miller, Francis Trevalyan --Poetry and Eloquence
Moore, Marianne --Complete Prose

Nutting, Anthony --Lawrence of Arabia

Olson 1
Olson 2
Olson 3
Olson 4
Olson 5
Olson 6
Olson 7
Olson 8
Olson 9
Olson 10
Olson, Charles --A Bibliography on America
Olson, Charles --Special View of History
Olson, Charles --Muthalogos vol 1
Olson, Charles --Muthalogos vol 2
Olson, Charles --Letters for Origin
Olson, Charles --The Post Office
Olson, Charles --Charles Olson and Ezra Pound
Olson/Corman --Complete Correspondence

Padgett, Ron --Ted
Palmer, Robert --Deep Blues
Pater, Walter --The Renaissance
Paul, Sherman --Olson's Push
Perelman, Bob --Writing/Talks
Perloff, Marjorie --Wittgenstein's Ladder
Poetic Briefs 21
Poetics Journal 1
Poetics Journal 1
Poetics Journal 4
Poetics Journal 5
Poetics Journal 6
Poetics Journal 7
Poetics Journal 8
Poetics Journal 9
Poetics Journal 10
Pound, Ezra --Selected Prose
Pound, Ezra --Guide to Kulchur
Pound, Ezra --ABC of Reading
Powell, Dawn --Diaries
Priestley, Brian --Charlie Parker
Pritchett, V.S. --Collected Essays
Proust, Marcel --Selected Letters

Raworth, Tom --A Serial Biography
Rothenberg, Jerome --Pre-Faces
Rothenberg, Jerome --Shaking the Pumpkin
Rowse, A.L. --Shakespeare's Globe
Ruskin, John --Selected

Salome, Lou-Andreas --Looking Back
Saroyan, Aram --Genesis Angels
Saroyan, Aram --The Street
Schjeldahl, Peter --Columns and Catalogues
Silliman, Ron --New Sentence
Smith, Mabell S.C. --Spirit of French Letters
Snyder, Gary --The Real Work
Solomon, Carl --Emergency Messages
Starkie, Enid --Baudelaire
Stevens, Wallace --The Necessary Angel
Sullivan, J.P. --Ezra Pound

Tiffany, Daniel --Radio Corpse
Timpane/Watts --Poetry For Dummies
Tindale, William York --Reader's Guide to James Joyce
Towle, Tony --Memoir 1960-1963
Trusky, Tom --Some Zines

Unterecker, John --Reader's Guide to Yeats

Vendler, Helen --Odes of John Keats
Vogler, Christopher --The Writer's Journey

Weatherhead, A. Kingsley --The British Dissonance
Weil, Simone --The Iliad or The Poem of Force
Welch, Lew --I Remain (letters) vol one
Welch, Lew --I Remain vol two
Weston, Jessie L. --From Ritual to Romance
White, Newman Ivey --Portrait of Shelley
Whittier, John Greenleaf --Complete
Williams, William Carlos --Selected Letters
Williams, William Carlos --Interviews
Williams, William Carlos --In the American Grain
Williamson, Margaret --Sappho's Immortal Daughters
Wilson, Edmund --Axel's Castle
Woolf, Leonard --Sowing
Woolf, Leonard --Growing
Woolf, Leonard --Beginning Again
Woolf, Leonard --Downhill All the Way
Woolf, Leonard --Journey Not the Arrival
Woolf, Virginia --A Writer's Diary
Woolf, Virginia --Three Guineas
Woolf, Virginia --Diary vol 1
Woolf, Virginia --Diary vol 2
Woolf, Virginia --Diary vol 3
Woolf, Virginia --Diary vol 4
Woolf, Virginia --Diary vol 5
Wordsworth, William --Letters
Wordsworth/Wordsworth --Home at Grasmere

Yeats, W. B. --Mythologies

Zukofsky, Louis --Prepositions